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ViDi Suite 2.0 - Full Package (blue+red+green)

Deep learning-based software library for both functional and aesthetics anomalies inspection & classification

User Benefits

  • Deep Learning-based industrial image analysis software for feature localization and identification, segementation and defect detection, as well as object and scene classification.
  • Automated detection, inspection and classification
  • Human-like, Self-learning, Powerful
  • All tools can be freely chained to break a more complex operation down into smaller but easer to train sequence of steps.
  • Swiss made software
Manufacturer : ViDi

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Additional Information

Product line Deep learning-based image analysis software
2D image processing functionality Machine learning techniques, Feature point detection, Multi-feature localization, Segmentation, Object identification
Application examples Segmentation, Anomaly dectection, defect extraction, Scene tagging, Product classification, Product identification and/or sorting, Defect classification
API programming languages C, .NET
Operation systems Windows 7, Ubuntu, 64 bit
Data formats File formats: PNG, BMP, TIFF, JPEG
Supported image properties: 1 - 4 channels, 8 or 16 bits
GPU platform NVidia Graphic Card (CUDA compute capability 3.0 or higher)
Recommended: GeForce GTX970-980, GTX1070-1080, GTX TITAN, Quadro K2200-M4000-M6000, Tesla K40-K83
Specification details Windows graphical user interface (GUI) with plugin support

HTML based GUI, required browser: Mozilla Firefox ESR (extended support release)

C library (Windows DLL/ Linux shared object) for runtime and/or training
Microsoft .NET library (Wrapper for C library and WPF GUI components)

ViDi Suite GUI & documentation language: EN

ViDi Suite performance - in terms of processing time - will depend upon hardware selection.
License details All runtime/production licenses are permanent and do not require maintenance or renewable fees; ViDi Suite comes with a free 12 months update & remote application engineering support.


ViDi Systems provides a comprehensive software library based on a state-of-the-art set of algorithms in Machine Learning. This software package, called ViDi Suite, is the first ready-to-use Deep Learning software dedicated to industrial Image Analysis and suitable for integration into industrial solutions via standardised interfaces.
ViDi Suite is a field-tested, optimized and reliable software solution. It is the world's first software to cover from highly supervised to completely unsupervised applications and act as excellence in Machine Vision.
ViDi Suite comprises the three tools ViDi Blue, Red, and Green which cover by themselves or in combination the various tasks in real-world image analysis. ViDi blue detects and localizes parts, and performs advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR). It can localize and identify complex features and objects by learning from annotated images. ViDi red provides a unique tool to detect anomalies and aesthetic defects as well as to segment specific regions in images. ViDi green is an object and scene classification tool. It can identify products based on their packaging/appearance ViDi Suite enables computers, machines and robots to understand images such that they can meaningfully interact with the real world. It bridges the gap by allowing Machine Vision companies across multiple industries to create ground-breaking inspection systems to tackle otherwise impossible to program both functional and aesthetics anomalies inspection and classification.

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Additional Information

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