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The inspect trade magazine published by Wiley is one of the key media channels for machine vision technologies and their applications in the industrial quality inspection. Their content appears in German and English language.

Since late, "inspect" and Imaging.market started a joint project to benefit users of both platforms.

Collaboration between Inspect and Imaging.market


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inspect: 5 Machine Vision trends for 2018

Market insider shares his view on upcoming trends


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inspect: Optical Inspection of Small Parts with 5- and 10-Megapixel Cameras

Case study about industrial quality inspection of stamped and bent parts with a vision system.





Screenshot of optical quality inspection software



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inspect Whitepaper: CMOS-Cameras with ultra high resolution

71 Megapixels for Document Scanning, Machine Vision and Aerial Surveillance

Photos of document scanner

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inspect: Automation Specialist Balluff Acquires Machine Vision Camera OEM Matrix Vision

Automation specialist Balluff has invested in purchasing its own camera OEM. Matrix Vision is now operating under their roof contributing its versatile portfolio of GigE Vision, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 cameras to the Balluff business.

The managing directors of all three companies inform the workforce about the integration




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inspect: High-speed Surface Inspection Solved by Line Scan Cameras

Scanners are part of our daily office routine since long. The concept is clear: The scanner is capturing the document line by line and stitches the complete image thereafter.


The same approach is common in industrial applications where long or almost endless materials like textiles, foils, printed papers, etc. need to be inspected. These tasks are performed by Line Scan Cameras, which got faster, more accurate, and more powerful recently.


Concept of High-Speed surface inspection

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Welcome to Hikvision's cost-effective machine vision cameras

The global market leader of surveillance cameras, Hikvision, recently added machine vision cameras to his portfolio as part of its core product strategy. With industrial grade GigE Vision cameras and USB3 Vision cameras, attractive pricing and short lead times, Hikvision strives to be a valid new alternative to established brands in the industrial camera market. The Hikvision area scan cameras and Hikvision line scan cameras are now part of our product selector for machine vision cameras.


Hikvision machine vision cameras logo

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inspect: How Teledyne Dalsa Cameras Enable Glass Inspection in Automotive

The perfect quality of automotive windshields is equally important to the drivers' safety as the tires. Learn how Quebec based OEM of automatic inspection systems Synergx utilized Teledyne Dalsa line scan cameras to ensure quality and bring down the costs in the windshield supply chain.

Teledyne Dalsa cameras solve automotive glass inspection

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inspect: Machine Vision Camera & Image Processing Software - All-in-one

The bundle of the Smart Camera mvBlueGemini und the „mvImpact Configuration Studio“, short mvImpact-CS, enables developers without programming skills in image processing to create entire inspection applications by visual programming. This saves enormous amounts of time and money.

Matrix Vision solution for industrial imaging

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Sony Pregius CMOS cameras from Baumer with a mere 1µs exposure time

Baumer offers the first CMOS cameras with an exposure time down to 1 µs in the mainstream segment of digital industrial cameras. The CX models including the second generation of Sony Pregius sensors feature exposure times ranging from 1 µs to 60 s. Available with up to 12 megapixel resolution, they are ideal in tasks at high light intensity such as laser welding and will minimize blur in high-speed applications like pick and place. Having extended the application possibilities of CMOS cameras, Baumer has closed a gap where previously CCD sensors were required. Samples are available now; production starts in the third quarter of 2017.


Baumer CX cameras with Sony Pregius CMOS global shutter

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