Welcome to Hikvision's cost-effective machine vision cameras

The global market leader of surveillance cameras, Hikvision, recently added machine vision cameras to his portfolio as part of its core product strategy. With industrial grade GigE Vision cameras and USB3 Vision cameras, attractive pricing and short lead times, Hikvision strives to be a valid new alternative to established brands in the industrial camera market. The Hikvision area scan cameras and Hikvision line scan cameras are now part of our product selector for machine vision cameras.


Hikvision machine vision cameras logo

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Sony Pregius CMOS cameras from Baumer with a mere 1µs exposure time

Baumer offers the first CMOS cameras with an exposure time down to 1 µs in the mainstream segment of digital industrial cameras. The CX models including the second generation of Sony Pregius sensors feature exposure times ranging from 1 µs to 60 s. Available with up to 12 megapixel resolution, they are ideal in tasks at high light intensity such as laser welding and will minimize blur in high-speed applications like pick and place. Having extended the application possibilities of CMOS cameras, Baumer has closed a gap where previously CCD sensors were required. Samples are available now; production starts in the third quarter of 2017.


Baumer CX cameras with Sony Pregius CMOS global shutter

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Insights from 1000+ Industrial and Scientific Cameras

The online product selector Imaging.market has crossed the 1000-camera line. This is a major milestone on its mission to support faster development of better imaging systems at lower cost. The aggregated portfolio of 11 camera manufacturers constitutes a comprehensive cross section of the global market, which allows vision system developers to find a range of cameras from different suppliers for almost every requirement specification. At the same time, this portfolio allows for insightful analysis of the camera market, which shows a leading position of CMOS Global Shutter sensors, a 50% share of Sony sensors, and just 8% lag of USB 3.0 behind GigE.

Industrial area scan cameras by resolution and frrame rate



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High-speed JetCam Camera Series features 2400 fps @ Full HD or 80 fps @ 25 MP

The Israelian expert for high-speed and high-resolution imaging, Kaya Instruments, has released a stunning range of machine vision cameras: JetCam 19 with Full HD resolution and up to 2400 fps and JetCam 25 with 80 fps transmitted via Camera Link HS (CLHS), CoaXPress x4, or a unique optical fiber interface. Find also matching frame grabbers here on Imaging.market. The image sensors used are coming from Alexima and ON Semi.

JetCam high speed cameras Kaya Instruments


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SMARTEK Vision joins Imaging.market product finder platform

German-Croatian camera manufacturer SMARTEK Vision offers 126 cost-effective cameras with many different CCD and CMOS sensors, various housing options, and a high-end line.


 Smartek Vision logo

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Ready for Investigation: Sony GigE and Camera Link Cameras with CCD and Pregius Global Shutter CMOS Sensors

On behalf of our user community, a warm-hearted welcome to Sony Image Sensing Solutions. Thank you for sharing your Sony GigE Vision cameras and Sony Camera Link Cameras with CCD and Pregius Global Shutter CMOS sensors. They are all ready for detailed investigation and comparison based on our standardized specification format.

Sony Machine Vision XCG cameraSony Machine Vision XCL cameraSony Machine Vision XCG-H cameraSony Machine Vision XCL camera rear

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Welcome to Tattile Area Scan, Line Scan and Smart Cameras

Imaging and Machine Vision experts can now find and compare industrial grade machine vision cameras from the Italian OEM Tattile: Area scan cameas, line scan cameras and smart cameras.


Tattile machine vision cameras, area scan, line scan, smart cameras



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Fast - faster - Mikrotron High-Speed & High-Resolution Cameras with CoaXPress interfaces

Welcome to Mikroton and it's renowned EoSens high-speed & high-resolution cameras with CoaXPress interface on Imaging.market.


Mikrotron high speed cameras



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PixeLINK acquired by Navitar, Inc.

Optical solution OEM Navitar acquired our partner PixeLINK, manufacturer of industrial and scientific cameras. Paul Sanders, President of PixeLINK, emphasizes that there are no plans to change PixeLINK's business strategy, product offering or the main points of contact in the sales organization.

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Meet our co-founder Ronald Mueller at the A3 Business Forum 2017

Over 500 leaders of the global Machine Vision, Robotics and Automation industry are meeting up again at the annual A3 Business Forum in Orlando, Florida, Jan. 18 – 20. As in recent years, our co-founder Dr. Ronald Mueller will be joining.


Do you wonder what the central machine vision product platform Imaging.market can do for you? Meet Ronald in Orlando and he will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and benefits from lead generation via Imaging.market to finding the right imaging products for your vision systems.


A3 Business Forum Automation

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